Discover Bionaif Active Orthotic, the innovative orthotic developed by My Benefit

Bionaif Active Orthotic is the innovative preformed orthotic designed by My Benefit, and it is the only orthotic in the world developed according to body weight and shoe size.

We designed this product to bring wellness and health into the lives of people who suffer from postural problems and want a product that can adapt to their lifestyle, and not vice versa.

Bionaif adapts to the changing morphology of the foot and performs a continuous pushing and massaging action that improves blood circulation, in addition to providing stability and balance to the posture.

Bionaif Active Footbed is 100% Made in Italy and realized with deformable polymer resin, it is odorless and washable with soap and water. It is the ideal footbed for both everyday activities and sports.

My Benefit, the Italian company for health and wellness

Mybenefit was founded in 2010 in Modena with the launch of Bionaif Active Orthotic, which as of today has been distributed in more than 7000 pharmacies throughout Italy.

Like all our products, Bionaif was born from a concrete need: to solve some of the most common problems which the normal products on the market could not answer.

Why did we do it?

Because our mission is to promote the psychophysical well-being of our customers through high-quality and innovative products, which can improve the quality of life.

Want more information about our Bionaif Active Orthotic?

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