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My Neck follows the cervical curvature, thereby helping to maintain a correct posture while driving, and reduces excess tension in neck and shoulders, allowing you to drive and work free from painful stiffening and muscle fatigue.


My Ruby



The neck-saver My Ruby, thanks to its unique and patented innovations, counteracts the negative effects caused by an incorrect posture, preventing or reducing, if already present, painful lumbar symptomatology. The internal material of the vertical section is made of fireproof foam, breathable and anti-decubitus, and can adapt perfectly to any surface. The horizontal section is made of flexible hypoallergenic plant-based foam that ensures high resistance to wear and deformation. The outer casing is fire-proof, breathable and is durable enough to endure at least 60.000 rubbings. The fabric can be washed at low temperatures.

Positive Points
  • Breathable
  • Ergonomic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in Italy
  • The validity of our claims is upheld by scientific researches
  • Can easily adapt to office chairs, sofa/couches and car seats

Cod. – MY.R


Using My Ruby opens up the thorax and and supports the spine, avoiding stress on the organs and vertebrae. My Ruby is a strong asset for rehabilitation from lumbar lordosis and spinal kyphosis.


My Ruby is recommended to those suffering from:

    • Spinal kyphosis
    • Spinal lordosis
    • “Crushed” organs due to bad posture or back/spine issues
    • It is also recommended to those who spend most of the day seated in their cars/offices