Bionaif® Kit Balance offers both Bionaif® Active Insole and the Relax version.

Bionaif® Kit Balance is the ideal combo for your daily balance.

Through your daily activities, when at work and when outside, it is recommended to wear Bionaif® Active Insole for an optimal support, to distribute weight evenly and to enforce a correct posture. Back home, wear your Relax inside your house slippers in order to carry on Bionaif® Active Insole’s therapy.

Bionaif® Active Insole

Bionaif® Active Sole is a pre-shaped insole, made from polymer resin, capable of adapting to any kind of foot…

Discover Bionaif® Active Insole!

Bionaif® Active Insole Relax

Bionaif® Relax is the soft version of Bionaif® Active Sole. It follows your movements gently, enforcing a correct posture and helping to…
Discover Bionaif® Active Insole!

Discover Bionaif® Active Insole Relax!


  • Using Bionaif® continuosly, both at home and outside, enhances the therapy;
  • If you are often home, not wearing any shoes and thus not gaining any benefit from Bionaif® Active Insole, we advise you to wear slippers with Relax inside in order to upkeep the therapy.


Bionaif® Kit Balance is recommended for postural problems, backache, knees and feet issues. Every Kit Balance contains 1 pair of Bionaif® Active Insole and 1 pair of Bionaif® Active Insole Relax of the corresponding size.

Both Bionaif® Active Insole and Bionaif® Relax can be worn inside any kind of footwear or slippers; they are easily washable with water and soap.

Bionaif® Active Insole and Bionaif® Active Insole Relax are medical devices, bearing the CE marking; read the instructions manual carefully.

Bionaif® Kit Balance size chart: