Bionaif® Active Insole Relax is the soft version of Bionaif® Active Insole. It follows your movements gently, enforcing a correct posture and helping to maintain a suitable balance during your relax hours.
Bionaif® Relax is a pre-shaped insole, made from polymer resin, chosen according to shoe size (or foot lenght). Thanks to its particular form, it is suitable to all kinds of home slippers without affecting comfort.

8 differences between Bionaif® Relax and Bionaif® Active Insole:

  • Bionaif® Active Insole Relax is worn inside your home slippers;
  • The sole is more elastic and flexible, allowing it to adapt to the foot’s shape and movements more easily;
  • The heel is held more firmly thanks to the improved design;
  • Chosen just according to shoe size and not weight;
  • Improves posture, gently;
  • Improves balance and stability during your daily indoor activities;
  • Anti-slip etchings improve adhesion to the slipper;
  • Holes situated on the bottom, wider then those present on Bionaif® Active Insole, let perspiration out and prevent excessive moisture.

How to combine Bionaif® “Classic” and Bionaif® Active Insole Relax:

Through your daily activities, when at work and when outside, it is recommended to wear Bionaif® Active Insole for an optimal support, to distribute weight evenly and to enforce a correct posture. Back home, wear your Relax inside your house slippers in order to carry on Bionaif® Active Insole’s therapy.


  • Supports and straightens the vertebral column;
  • Holds your heel firmly and facilitates a correct footing;
  • It helps you to sustain your balance; it improves blood circulation;
  • It carries on, gently, Bionaif® Active Insole’s corrective action, even during your daily indoor activities.


Bionaif® Active Insole Relax must be fixed to your slipper with the complimentary velcro stickers. Place the first velcro on the bottom of the sole’s heel. Place the second sticker inside the slipper, matching exactly the first one. Join together Bionaif® Relax and your slipper and slip your foot in. Bionaif® Relax is recommended for postural problems, backache, knees and feet issues. Chosen according to shoe size (or foot lenght).

Bionaif® Active Insole Relax is a medical device, bearing the CE marking; read the instructions manual carefully.

Bionaif® Active Insole Relax size chart: