Neck Sleeve


My Mobilitas Gel supports My Mobilitas’ therapy and soothes pain, naturally.


MY MOBILITAS Neck Sleeve is a remedy for any pain or stiffness in the neck. It can also help to prevent the onset of many common issues and pathologies of the neck area.

The sleeve can be loosened or tightened thanks to velcro strips; it must be worn during the night.

It is recommended:

  • To prepare for the onset of cold weather;
  • To treat sore throat,
  • To counteract generic pain and discomfort in the neck area;
  • When suffering from strained vocal chords.v
How the therapy works

The micro-massage of the epidermis generated during sleeps improves blood-flow and boosts muscle tissue metabolism, allowing the lymphatic system to speed up the removal of toxic substances in the organism. It is a medical device; read the instruction manual carefully.